We move people to feel at home.

Mobility and transportation can be a barrier for some people to establish themselves anywhere, but especially when you’ve moved to a new city. A city with different grocery stores, a thriving downtown, parks scattered about, excellent public libraries, and other places and things that will become a part of your new life. You have to learn how to navigate and connect with these places.

Justin knows this all too well. He has been living in Lexington since June 2019. Kentucky Refugee Ministries first introduced him to Lextran.

“At KRM they told me how to use the bus in theory. They gave me the card (pass),” Justin recalled.

When he boarded the bus for the first time he was a bit unsure of how to use his pass on the fare box. The operator happily showed him how to swipe his card and printed him a transfer.

From then on out it was easy, convenient, and on-time, Justin summarized. Compared to the buses he was used to back in Rwanda, Lextran has been much more reliable and on schedule.

“I use the app in my phone to see where the bus is and how long it will take to get to my bus stop,” Justin explained.

He is talking about MyStop Mobile, the app Lextran uses to track buses, plan trips, and communicate service disruptions such as detours and alerts.

Justin says using Lextran is easy, but most importantly it is cost-effective. Without reliable public transportation he’d have to utilize ride-share services which are much more costly.

Currently, he uses the bus to get downtown, to the library, and to KRM. He plans to enter the job market and eventually go to school for graphic design. All the while using Lextran to get from place to place as he plants his roots in Lexington.