Downtown Transit Center Bay 1 Closure

Updated: May 20, 2021

Starting Monday, May 10, 2021, Bay 1 will be closed for construction of the pedestrian crosswalk and to install the traffic light for bus priority. The area is closed until further notice and will affect the following routes:

  • Route 1 – Woodhill Drive
  • Route 2 – Georgetown Road
  • Route 11 – Richmond Road
  • Route 12 – Leestown Road
  • Route 51 – Night – Woodhill Drive
  • Route 52 – Night – Georgetown Road

Affected routes will load, unload, and depart from High Street during construction. All routes which use Beck Alley when exiting the Transit Center will continue to do so. Additionally, the Transit Center platform will remain open for pedestrians.

Lextran will update the public when Bay 1 re-opens and routes return to their regular loading areas. Thank you for your patience.