Paratransit Eligibility Provider Transition FAQ

BIOKINETIX will begin providing paratransit eligibility assessments for Lextran Wheels customers on January 18, 2024

Contact Information:


KORT Physical Therapy

Attn: Lextran Paratransit

1650 Bryan Station Rd, Ste 122

Lexington, KY 40505

Phone: 859-244-2030

Website: (not live until 1.18.24)


New Wheels Customers

What is paratransit eligibility?

Paratransit eligibility refers to the application process customers need to go through in order to qualify to be a Wheels rider. Each new applicant needs to fill out an application and have a healthcare provider fill out a verification form. Once the forms are completed, applicants will undergo a functional assessment. Applications can be completed at (Not active until 1.18.24) or a paper application can be requested.

Mailed applications should be sent to:

KORT Physical Therapy

Attn: Lextran Paratransit

1650 Bryan Station Rd, Ste 122

Lexington, KY 40505

What is a functional assessment?

A functional assessment measures your ability to independently navigate the fixed-route bus system. New applicants and applicants that have not been recertified in the past three (3) years will need to undergo in-person functional assessments. The assessments will measure your ability to perform the following tasks:  

  • Get to and from a fixed-route bus stop   
  • Wait for the bus  
  • Board and exit the bus   

Assessments will vary depending on the type of disability you have.   

Where are functional assessments performed?

In-person assessments are completed in cooperation with KORT physical therapy, near Kroger. Most are completed at the Bryan Station location, but others are available. Transportation will be provided for you if needed.

KORT Physical Therapy Bryan Station

1650 Bryan Station Rd, Ste 122

Lexington, KY 40505

How do I schedule my assessment?

After your application and your healthcare verification have been submitted, you will be contact by a KORT representative to schedule your assessment. They will assist with scheduling your transportation to the assessment as well and contact you with travel information.

What types of eligibility are available?

  • Unrestricted – you may ride unlimited at any time. 
  • Conditional – Your disability is impacted by certain factors that make you eligible at times, and ineligible at others. One example is visual difficulty after dark, so trips may be limited to early morning and evening hours only. 
  • Temporary – your condition is anticipated to improve, and you have been granted eligibility to cover the necessary period. You may re-apply as needed. 
  • Ineligible – you do not meet the requirements and are unable to utilize the service.  

What if I was found ineligible?

If you were found to be ineligible for paratransit services, you have the right to appeal within 60 days of the decision. Reach out to BIOKINETIX for further instruction to begin the appeals process.

Existing Wheels Customers

I am already a Wheels customer, but my eligibility expires in January or February 2024. What do I do?

Your eligibility will automatically be extended through February 29, 2024 to allow time to get your recertification completed. You should not wait but complete the recertification as soon as you are contacted by BIOKINETIX.  

Will my recertification date change?

Your recertification date will only change if you expire in January or February 2024. If you have been contacted by ADA Ride, go ahead and complete the recertification process before January 17, 2024.

Will I be contacted for recertification?

You will be contacted via mail or email, as indicated by your preferred contact method on your original application. Please make sure to update your contact information if that has changed since your previous application. This can be done through Lextran or BIOKINETIX. 

What if my address has changed?

If your address has changed, please reach out to the Lextran Compliance Specialist at 859-255-7756 as soon as possible to update that information.  

What if my eligibility is temporary? 

If your eligibility is temporary, you will need to go through a new certification process when it is due. If you are unsure when your eligibility expires, please contact Lextran.