New Lextran Bus Stop Signs

Beginning this Friday, Lextran will begin implementing new and improved bus stop signs across Lexington.

The new signs offer higher visibility and reflectivity, more information about ways to access real-time information, and a completely redesigned layout that emphasizes accessibility and readability.

On each sign you will find:

  • The Lextran logo
  • The bus stop number (large black box)
  • Route numbers (small gray rectangles)
  • Text-for-Next real-time Information
  • Lextran’s website
  • Lextran’s Customer Service phone number

Each of Lextran’s bus stop signs are planned to be replaced before the end of 2023. Many stops will now feature double sided signs to make each stop easy to locate whether you’re traveling inbound or outbound.

Each sign that is located on a Lextran Snow Plan route will also include a snowflake symbol in the upper right corner to indicate that the stop is covered when Lextran is operating on snow plan. Specific information about Snow Plan can be found on each route’s website page. ( )

We hope you’re as excited about these upgrades as we are! Look out for these new signs at bus stops across Lexington, starting Friday August 11.