Lextran Passenger Safety Information

The safety of Lextran employees and passengers is of utmost importance. Below are some safety dos and don’ts that you can apply when waiting on or boarding a Lextran bus.


  • Be familiar with Lextran schedules. It’s important to know when and where you need to go! Lextran schedules are available at the Downtown Transit Center Customer Service Window, onboard various buses, and on our website. We also recommend downloading myStop, our real-time bus tracking app.
  • Arrive early to your stop and be visible. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to your bus stop to ensure you are able to board your bus on time. Please make sure you are standing at the stop sign or inside the bus shelter to ensure the driver is able to see you. Also consider the time of day and the area of your stop, these factors can make it difficult for the driver to see you. It’s important to actively pay attention when waiting for your bus.
  • Have your fare ready. Before boarding a Lextran bus, make sure you have your fare or bus pass ready to go. Being prepared helps make your boarding process smoother and faster.
  • Wait for the driver to clear you when mounting a bicycle


  • Don’t run towards a moving bus
  • Don’t approach a bus in traffic
  • Don’t walk in front of the bus to stop it
  • Don’t cross in front of a bus when it is loading or unloading
  • Don’t chase after a bus once it’s left the curb, including at the Downtown Transit Center