Lextran 50th Anniversary Community Mural Project

Lextran’s 50th Anniversary is this December!

Help us celebrate by contributing to the Lextran 50th Anniversary Community Mural.

We will be hosting several events at the Lextran Transit Center on Vine Street to gather submissions. Check out our Facebook events for more information about dates and times!

The submitted drawings will be combined to create a mural that represents the history of Lextran!

Here are some tips for your submission:

  • Create a drawing that represents Lextran, Public Transportation, Lexington, or Kentucky.
  • Use the provided markers (Dark Green, Light Green, Gray, and Black) and bold, clear lines.
  • Avoid using text, letters, words, or phrases. We want to see your artistic skills shine!
  • Avoid using copyrighted or trademarked material of any kind.
  • Stay inside the dotted lines! Submissions with art outside of the dotted lines on the opposite side of this sheet will not be utilized.

By submitting your art to Lextran, you are authorizing the use and replication of your submission by Lextran for marketing materials, printed signage, etc. Your art may be altered by Lextran to fit the cohesive 50th Anniversary Community Mural design. Please understand that Lextran will not use every submitted design. Lextran will choose a group of submitted designs that are the most cohesive with the theme.

The final design will be revealed before Lextran’s 50th Anniversary in December, 2023!