5 Ways to Prepare for an Interview with Lextran

Participating in the interview process can be intimidating!

Check out these tips provided by our Human Resources Department here at Lextran to help you succeed in your interview.

1.) Fill out the application for your position online at Lextran.com

You can fill out the application for your position online at Lextran.com. Fill out the application completely even if you’re attaching a resume. Attach a copy of your resume in PDF format with an appropriate document title. (Try saving your PDF with the file name “firstname_lastname_resume.pdf”)

2.) Check out the rest of Lextran’s website!

After you’ve filled out your application and attached your resume, check out the rest of our website to become familiar with our services. Try reading the sections of our website under “Rider Guide” and “About Lextran“.

3.) Read over the job description at least 3 times.

Make sure that you understand the the responsibilities of the position by triple-checking the job description. Reading the job description multiple times will also help you come up with clarifying questions to ask during your interview. (Tip: write down your questions and take them with you to your interview to make sure that you don’t forget!)

4.) Be on time and be kind!

In the case of an interview, arriving on-time is usually late. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to account for any possible delays. Be kind to everyone that you meet. While this should be a general rule for life, everyone at Lextran should be treated with kindness and respect! Being on time is a great way to show respect.

5.) Dress appropriately

Dress in appropriate clothing for your interview. Check out this article detailing “What to Wear to an Interview”.

Bonus tip: Have a positive attitude!

Genuine kindness and positive energy can take you many places in life!

We hope this article helped you feel more prepared for your interview with Lextran! We can’t wait to interview you!