Additional COVID-19 Prevention Procedures

Lextran has implemented a series of actions over the past several weeks in order to protect employees and the community from the spread of COVID-19. For the reduced service schedules click here.

To continue being vigilant in the fight against the virus the following procedures are being implemented to increase social distancing onboard Lextran vehicles.

Operators will monitor the onboard passenger count and contact dispatch when capacity is reached to request another vehicle. Capacities range from 8-10 passengers in the rear of the bus, and 2-4 passengers in the priority seating area, dependent upon vehicle size.

If the bus is at capacity passengers will be asked to wait for the next bus or a relief vehicle. Please note these relief vehicles are dependent upon vehicle and operator availability and are not guaranteed.

Some seats on the bus will also be marked unavailable with a sign in order to increase the distance between passengers. Please sit in open seats that do not have signs, with space between yourself and other passengers.

Passengers will be permitted to board at an outbound stop in order to ride inbound only IF the same inbound service is unavailable. This is being implemented to reduce the amount of people on the bus at any one time and to reduce the amount of time any individual needs to be onboard.

  • For example: If a passenger is on Nicholasville Road at stop #1372 (Nicholasville and Burt Road Outbound) and they want to go to the Transit Center, they will have to cross the street to the corresponding stop #1384 (Nicholasville Road @ Zandale Shopping Center Inbound).
  • HOWEVER, if there is no corresponding inbound stop passengers will be permitted to board. For example: if a passenger is at stop 125 (Kroger Beaumont Circle Outbound) and they want to ride to the Transit Center, they will be permitted to board since there is no nearby corresponding inbound stop.

Lextran is strongly encouraging passengers to avoid non-essential travel in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you for your compliance with and understanding of these policies.