Lextran Offers Bike 'n Ride

In an effort to make our buses even more flexible for public needs, Lextran is now offering the Bike 'n Ride Program. Using Bike 'n Ride offers the flexibility of a bicycle, and the safety and comfort of a bus ride across the busy Lexington city streets. This can be especially beneficial for University of Kentucky students needing to get around campus and around town!

All Lextran buses are equipped with a bike rack.


Bike 'n Ride Features

Bike 'n Ride is a great way to get around for school, college, or work! Just check out its features.

  • Speedy! Loading/unloading takes most people less than 25 seconds.
  • It's lightweight and easy to use.
  • Accomodates bikes of all sizes.
  • Holds bikes firmly in place.
  • Only comes into contact with the bike's rubber tires-no damage.
  • Curbside loading for maximum safety.
  • So easy, even a child can load.
  • Fits all bikes.



  • Hold bike with one hand, and lower rack with the other.
  • Lift bike into one of the racks wheel wells.
  • Pull out the racks support arm, positioning it over the bikes front tire. Then board the bus!
  • To unload the bike, lift up on the rack support arm and lift bike out of wheel well to curb.


Bike 'n Ride Brochure

Now you can get one of our Bike 'n Ride brochures online right now! It is in Adobe Acrobat format and is printer-friendly.